Maintenance of the Critical Zone

as a solution to our current problems

The critical zone is the current political topic of our time.

What currently excites our minds: climate change, inequality, populism, species extinction, and migration, is based on the frightening realization that the critical zone of the Earth is responding to our actions.

Almost every one of us, after experiencing this reaction, no longer knows exactly what criteria will guide our future actions.

We feel that the old strategies are no longer effective if we want to preserve life. This disorientation spreads fear / insecurity and is thus an expression of the current political unrest worldwide.




Currently, this lack of orientation is shaking our political agendas or views, divided into - left/right, - conservative/progressive, - I/nature, - globalization/national.

Everything calls for renewal, departure, reorientation, until now only empty phrases and we feel it. Thus a new orientation of our action spheres is missing !


Trumpism' offers a reorientation, which is why it is so popular. If one thinks about its direction of movement, one quickly notices that it ends in a fake reality and does not lead to a solution of our above-mentioned problems.


The new perspective of our behaviour can only be the 'preservation of the critical zone' of the earth.

We are therefore no longer in the centre and are not the only actors.

We are slowly realizing that the earth is the main actor, and thus not we, but it determines our living space. All questions of the future are answered for me by the one question:

How and when I move the Critical Zone into the center of my life sphere and determine my actions / life decisions from this new point of view'.


Unfortunately courage for the change is necessary !