Critical Zone

Definition :

The Critical Zone refers to the dynamic range of the interaction of atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and uppermost lithosphere and extends from the tree tops to the base of the aquifer.

The current changes in climate and environmental conditions show us

the complex interrelationships, that there is a broader approach required and more comprehensive approaches to natural systems.

The longer one deals with this topic, the more one is astonished

The interaction of the individual systems e.g. water cycles, wind flows, drift of the continents, the rotation of the earth and the energy cycles give a short insight that not only our earth alone, but also the moon is involved in these movements.

But this is not everything, we must not forget the sun with its enormous energy output. And it moves with our solar system, orbits our galaxy and this in turn moves in the universe.


And embedded in these forces lies our very living space

'The Critical Zone of the Earth'.

Only in this narrow band does the entire life, that we experience, take place.


That also means : You live in the Critical Zone.

How wonderful and disturbing, when we become aware of our dependence on the critical zone and our responsibility for our actions in her.

But the Critical Zone is changeable and it changes are noticeably for each of us. And precisely its changeability, the ability to react to changes in its self, could become a problem for us humans through our caused influence in it.


We threaten ourselves by our own actions ! So self-knowledge is vital.


Indispensable self-knowledge ! How ? Through facts and change of perspective.


We experience only a very small part of reality in our actual area of life.

The macrocosm has already been described above. For us this is 'comprehensible' in the sense of touching. That is why we experience reality substantially and objectively.


But now there is also the microcosm. And this is where 'comprehensible' quickly reaches its limits. If we divide all objects known to us into ever smaller parts, then our life experience tells us: Everything would have to become ever smaller.

But this is not the case.

Quantum physics shows that it is absurd to call these particles 'smaller', they are also 'larger'. Likewise, the properties of matter disappear more and more into uncertainty.

And finally, the best thing is that we can affect this uncertainty and determine whether this uncertainty becomes a particle or an energy wave by means of various experimental set-ups.

Thus the division into subject and object is abolished.

There it is, the new self-knowledge :

 ' Everything is made of the same and is connected with everything

and interacts with each other. '

 Here I always remember the gospel of John :

All things are made by the same, and without the same nothing is made that is made.

In him was life, and life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness,

and the darkness has not seized it.


 With the 'New Self-knowledge' back to the reality of our everyday life.

At first glance, our reality seems to be something solid, constant.

With new self-knowledge, however, this reality is an unfolding one.


Our existing reality is thus a living dynamic process.


A dynamic system of the earth is e.g. the jet-stream.


We threaten ourselves by our actions therefore !

Now a look at the interactions of systems.

 We often talk about balance. Our desire for stability makes us believe in a stable equilibrium.

First of all: It does not exist, but there are states of equilibrium.


This means: a dynamic process e.g. the Gulf Stream keeps the same direction of movement, but it never moves exactly the same. It fluctuates in / around a state of equilibrium.


These fluctuations are dependent on the other influences involved, such as the salt content of the water and many other factors. This dynamic system remains 'stable' as long as all other factors involved remain 'stable'.


But this one dynamic system is also affected by other dynamic systems.

To stick to the example of the Gulf Stream. This is influenced e.g. by the jet stream. And also in this flow system the factors such as earth rotation etc. influence the flow processes. The solar radiation of the earth again has influence on both systems. A system comes out of its 'state of equilibrium', if involved factors are being altered.


Back to the Gulf Stream: Currently it is influenced by the melting ice of the Arctic, this has influence on the salt content, the salt content has influence on the water strata, etc. The system reacts with increased deviations around the state of equilibrium. The Gulf Stream is currently slowing down its speed. In this phase of change there are at present several dynamic processes on our earth.


It is clearly shown: We threaten ourselves by our own actions thus!


Our air: This is a gas. To describe it, we give the proportions of substances contained in it. These are expressed in parts per million. The rapidly growing proportion of CO2 is particularly worrying here.

Of one million particles in the air, 411 are currently CO2. That doesn't sound much, but the influence of these particles changes our atmosphere so strongly that absorbed heat from the sun can no longer be released into space, which is already strongly noticeable in the dynamic system of the critical zone of our earth.

We call it global warming.

Let us remain with the increase of CO2. Our air meets the water surface of our oceans. These two systems interchange, they react with / on each other.

As a result we have the acidification of the oceans.

And thus also to the life within them. Currently the extinction of corals and thus the dying of life habitats of biodiversity.

 Here the increase of CO2

And the reason that the increase is so rapid is because we are human beings and so are you.

This means that you are influencing the Critical Zone so that its change affects all life. Your neutral distance serves only as protection.


But you are not a neutral observer, climate change is not our enemy, you do not experience ocean acidification, you do not experience any change in nature.


 You are actively involved: You are the climate change, you are the acidification of the seas, you are the death of corals, you are the deceleration of the Gulf Stream, you are nature and therefore you are also the critical zone. Because there is no neutral corner for you.


 Because there are no borders but only transitions !



Would like to stop here to stay in the safe comfort zone.

But unfortunately the truth belongs to the recognition that also the habitat of the Critical Zone, which is known to us and necessary for us, is not stable, but has already changed five times so strongly in the course of the history of the earth that the old life forms are extinct and other life has formed in the changed and newly created Critical Zone.


In order to prevent a sixth extinction made by us and thus to preserve our life forms, we need a radical reorientation of our thoughts and actions with the aim of achieving this goal:


To preserve the critical zone of the earth.


Hopeful here is the fact that humanity is also a dynamic system,

and you are also a part of the system of humanity and therefore,

if you change, you can influence the system and thus give a new impulse to the system of humanity.

If you do not change, you actively participate in the direction of the sixth species extinction.

But doing nothing also gives no impulse for the reorientation of our direction of movement as humanity.


Also giving hope:

If we as humanity are not intelligent enough to fit into the existing critical zone, we will not be able to destroy 'THE LIFE OF THE EARTH', because the critical zone reacts, creates new other states of equilibrium and then starts a new attempt into eternal life without us.


That's all it is . Decide now !

Here's how dynamic the system humanity changes.