What I do


This morning, after taking care of the dogs, I sat on my meditation pillow at the river in front of our hut. It was eight degrees below zero, a pleasant temperature for the end of November.

At this time of year the sun is very low, so that it does not rise until about ten o'clock. The ice of the river cracked on my left and, wrapped in the silence of nature, I experienced the sunrise.

Slowly her orange light, still covered by birch branches, spread. With the rise of its orbit also the colour of your light changed into orange yellow.

The hoar frost on the trees glittered, a fox walked over the ice in a long distance with creeping movement. The sun, now in bright yellow, now stands freely in the middle of the river.

Its radiation is so strong that I close my eyes. Now she is warming my body.

Loving humility is spreading.

After a short prayer it is time for the day's work.

My thoughts get stuck with 'release us from evil' .  What is meant by that?

After breakfast the daily reading of the latest news:

Almost only negatives again. Bad news for the environment, empty phrases from politics: Things that I've been hearing for over forty years now and that are getting worse and worse.

Evil spreads and displaces the positive experience of tomorrow.

Afterwards dog training, here I am again exposed to the changes of my environment.

Normally there is now a layer of snow over everything, but not this year.

All paths are now thickly icy and mirror-smooth.

I couldn't drive the training car anymore because it wasn't steerable and could not be stopped.

Also the dogs had their problems, normally they run in pairs next to each other, because of the ice one of them had the problem of slipping, while the other one found good grip at the edge.

Therefore I developed new pulling lines for the dogs and mounted screwable spikes on my training trolley. Climate change makes me creative.


But during training, besides the positive aspect 'I am on the road with the dogs', there is also the concern 'What kind of winter will we have this year?

The thoughts of evil come back and I notice that in addition to today's problems the factors of paralysis, fake news and the attacks on our cultural achievements are also strengthening.

Also in the past there were big problems: e.g. ozone hole, nuclear threat, acid rain, nuclear accident. But these were tackled more actively.

Why is that no longer the case?


There is a new negative force, 'the concealment of realities' has been added to the old evil and is already working hard!

From my life experience I know that however also a positive counterforce must be active.


I find the counterforces in the UNO Agenda 230 and the Enzylika-Laudato-si

(see download below)

Deliver us from evil' Now my answer to it


Deliver us from: The concealment of realities -

Against it only revealing the reality by my mind can help!



Evil results from inactivity of the good !

Evil dissolves when the good becomes active!


That is why I have set out and try to bundle some positive forces.

Since I can't do it alone, I need help.



Greetings and a smile again

Ingo / Winter's strength is my root base weakness.