The motivation for the homepage "Critical Zone"

is to file petitions to the countries with focus on

' Keeping the critical zone of the earth '

You will find some information about 'the critical zone of the earth' at :

21252030 Agenda for Sustainable Developm
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Unfortunately there is no similar thing in our constitution or the constitution of the European Union. But to save the critical zone of the earth should have its own place also in these constitutions ... as a necessary basic for life itself.


The regulations and conditions for a meaningful petition are set very strictly.

Please look here :



In most cases, the exchange of current events of alterations in nature takes place in keywords such as climate change, natural resources, sustainability, etc. on the basis of facts, data and forecasts.

This is how we as humans separate ourselves from nature.

But in the Critical Zone all systems react with each other.


Because a successful petition isn't easy we would like to ask you for a helping hand. We need people of all countries to translate this homepage in all different languages and we look also for people who could publish this homepage in every media (analog+digital) you can imagine.


If you want help us please contact :

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