Meaning of our logo

Critical Zone

The background of our logo is the original Sami flag. The colours red, green, yellow and blue symbolize different elements of life. Red stands for the warmth and light of fire and love, green for nature and plants, which contribute decisively to survival. Yellow represents the sun, which stands for longevity, blue for water, without which life is impossible. The circle symbolizes the sami frame drum, as well as the coloured division of the day, the sun (red) and the moon (blue).


In it the cross symbol of Christianity - where the vertical bar stands for the relationship between the Creator and mankind. The horizontal bar of the cross connects the relationship between humans.


Yin and Yang - are at the centre of the cross as forces that are polarly opposed to each other and yet related to each other as building up a whole.


Therefore, our logo of the Critical Zone should be understood as an explanation of the processes of change and as a representation the interdependence of habitats.



Or in short: There are no boundaries, but only transitions.